• Are you keeping what you don’t want?

    Are you resisting what you want? Are you resisting your own desire? Most of us want to answer, No, of course not! Why would I go against the very thing I want? Why would I do anything to prevent what I want from happening? But many of us are doing just that. We are inadvertently […]

  • Love Your Life #079: Magical versus Manual:  How are you living?

    Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. Today we’re going to talk about the very real difference between a magical vs. manual approach to living. To access this episode, join LYL Premium. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn… How to do life differently if you’ve been efforting your way […]

  • 8 ways to spring clean your mind

    Winter is over and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for spring cleaning. This time of year makes us want to throw open the windows, air out the house, and do some deep cleaning. It feels good to let the sunshine in and make your surroundings shine and sparkle. And there’s no doubt […]

  • 4 ways to uncomplicate your life

    Have you ever said, It’s complicated as a reason for not making the changes you say you want in your life? Your work situation is complicated. Or your marriage. Your financial situation is complicated. Or your relationship with your parents or kids. One of the reasons we keep our lives so complicated is so we […]

  • It all falls apart when you won’t decide

    It seems everyone is trying to simplify some aspect of their lives. Their calendar, commitments, finances… Their commute, To Do list, expectations… Their morning routine, relationships, living space… The desire to simplify is strong. On the other side of simplified is more time and freedom. Less stress and anxiety. More of what matters and less […]

  • It’s time to stop being bothered by undone To Dos

    Recently I posted I walk into a room and see a To Do list. The basic premise: Your environment isn’t neutral. It’s either giving you energy or draining your energy. Which means when you’re in your home and all you see are undone items on a To Do list, your energy is being depleted. Here’s an […]

  • Not everything in life can be equally important

    Not everything in life can be equally important

    There’s a movement underway to get back to the basics. To move away from possession-cluttered, debt-overloaded, work-burdened, and time-starved lives. To make lifestyle choices that minimize the “more is better” mindset, and maximize the reality that simplicity means more time, balance, and satisfaction. It means less not more Simplicity is clarifying what matters most and […]

  • Do you feel like you’re enough?

    I had an epiphany of sort a few days ago: I am enough. I’ve read about feeling enough. Heard about it. Wanted it. But I’ve never felt it. Not truly. Not through and through. I’m not sure how it happened exactly. There’s been a lot jettisoned over the last few years. Peeling off expectations. Shedding […]

  • 6 questions to ask when your resources are scarce

    When you think about your goals, where is there a gap in your resources? Are you lacking the assets—the things or thoughts, actions or energy—you need? We need resources to accomplish our goals and be the person we want to be. But here’s the thing: Often we complain we don’t have the necessary resources and […]

  • Are you complaining about something that happened a year ago?

    A friend I hadn’t seen in awhile recounted a story about something that happened to him at work. The Dilbert-like story showcased a toxic relationship with a colleague and highlighted a dysfunctional work environment. My friend, let’s call him “Bob”, told the story with such gusto that I wondered if I was witnessing someone hyperventilate. This […]