How to Feel Better: enough
I had an epiphany of sort a few days ago: I am enough.

I’ve read about feeling enough. Heard about it. Wanted it. But I’ve never felt it.

Not truly. Not through and through.

I’m not sure how it happened exactly.

There’s been a lot jettisoned over the last few years.

  • Peeling off expectations.
  • Shedding “shoulds”.
  • Discarding people pleasing.
  • Casting off perfection.

Essentially letting go of anything not fundamentally and authentically me.

And this “enough business” has also meant a fair amount of embracing.

  • Embracing what gives me energy.
  • Embracing my definition of success.
  • Embracing flexibility over security.
  • Embracing simple over struggle.
  • Embracing the journey.

After adding and subtracting, I’m enough.

Maybe I was all along. But now I feel it.

What about you? What’s your relationship to “enough”?