Hi, I’m Jennifer. Nice to meet you!

So here’s the thing: I’m really into Law of Attraction. As in obsessed. It’s how I live my life. It’s how I coach my clients.

In fact, here are 50 things I love about Law of Attraction.

These days I’m best known for helping women use the Law of Attraction to manifest with ease.

  • I’m big on joy. Not so much on goal setting or To Do lists.
  • I’m into inspired action. Not massive action and definitely not busyness.
  • I’m all about flow and energy alignment, not shoulds and have tos.

I live in downtown Ann Arbor with my husband, Hans—who sometimes shows up in blog posts, like this one at the mall and this one at the hotel.

When I’m not coaching, podcasting, or writing, you’ll find me curled up with a good book, trying out a new keto recipe, or otherwise scheming and dreaming.

If you’re curious about my adventure of being human and what I’m learning on my path, listen to my podcast and read my blog.

If you want to leverage Law of Attraction and become better at manifesting, I’d be delighted to work together or you can check out my Manifest with Ease course.

And while the adventure you’re on is sure to be different than mine, we both want the same thing: To live fully and love our lives.

Wanna know more about me? 

I’ll keep it random with these 8 tidbits.

1. I love cafes—the smell of coffee, the chatter. Caffeine and conversation make so much seem possible. Whether I’m working on a project, reading a book, writing a book, or just watching the world go by, you’ll often find me enjoying a cappuccino at my favorite cafe, Sweetwaters.

2. I remember the first time I heard the saying, the present is perfect. I thought: What?! Wait a minute. Not so fast. The present will be perfect when x y or z happens. Now I get it though. The present is just about as perfect as I decide it’s going to be.

3. I intentionally downsized from a 1400+ square foot house to a 733 square foot apartment. Simplifying may not be what you aspire to, but the point is: Are you on autopilot or are you being intentional about how you live your life?

4. One of my superpowers is detecting limiting beliefs. You know, thoughts like I’m just not creative or I’m too old to make a career change. Know this: A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking. And since beliefs are self-fulfilling, I believe in choosing my thoughts with care.

5. I don’t talk about how busy I am like it’s an outside force. Busy is a choice—plain and simple. What’s more, busy has become the catchall excuse for all kinds of bad behavior—sleep deprivation, poor self care, putting everyone else first. I refuse to be martyr to a crazy busy life.

6. Comparison is the thief of joy if you go about it the wrong way. But when you see something someone has that you want—great relationships, a thriving career, healthy lifestyle, an adventurous life—use it as inspiration to create the life you crave.

7. I believe, most times, less really is more. The answer isn’t buying more storage containers to organize your things. It’s not getting better at time management so you can get more done. Instead, I’m an advocate for getting rid of stuff and taking things off your plate.

8. Here’s a pet peeve: Thinking it’s too late. Too late to change careers, find love, go back to school, start a business… It’s usually fear whispering it’s too late. Fear of change. Fear of failure. Even fear of success. Well, I say tell fear Thanks, but no thanks… and then get on with creating a life you love.

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