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Love Your Life #127: What’s your hurry?  It’s all for joy.

Journey vs. Destination: joy

Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction.

Today we’re going to talk about how joy gets left behind when you are in a hurry to get things done, achieve goals, and get what you want.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Why being in a hurry for what you want cuts you off from joy
  • How before my obsession with LoA I suffered from I’ll be happy when… syndrome
  • The misunderstanding Abraham says many have about joy and the journey
  • Why your goal—whatever it is—is not really the point
  • 3 things that commonly get in the way of joy (spoiler alert: struggle, success, and goals)
  • Why relaxing and smiling is way better than offering effort and struggling


“What’s the big hurry? You’re not ever going to get it done, so what are you racing toward? Every single activity that you’re involved in is for one purpose only, and that is to give you a moment of joy. That’s why it all exists. Lighten up. Laugh more. Appreciate more. All is well.” —Abraham

“People say, ‘The joy is in the journey,’ but they rarely understand what they are saying. You are in this focused time/space reality with goals and objectives that call you because as you identify a desire it literally summons life through you. Life summoning through you is what it’s all about—it’s not the completion of anything.” —Abraham

“You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.” —Abraham

“The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff—it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.” —Abraham

“Let go of goal orientation and focus on joy orientation.” —Abraham

“I like knowing that my job is joy, and that when I find joy in each and every moment, I also find freedom and abundance, because joy and freedom and abundance are all the same vibration.” —Abraham

“Most rarely align with their true power because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. We want you to breathe rather than try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do.” —Abraham

“You are joy, looking for a way to express. It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love & joy & freedom & clarity expressing. Energy—frolicking and eager—that’s who you are. And so, if you’re always reaching for alignment with that, you’re always on your path, and your path will take you into all kinds of places.” —Abraham


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