The Law of Attraction is always working.

Which means you’ll always get more of what you’re vibrationally asking for.

But are you manifesting what you really want?

Perhaps you need to change the vibrational pattern to which the Law of Attraction is responding.

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Here’s how I can help.

Coaching with me will deepen your understanding of the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you’re missing or misunderstanding some key piece of LoA that’s creating friction in your vibration.

We’ll close those knowledge gaps. Nearly every client has at least one or a few.

More than knowledge, though, is applying what you know to Your Real Life. In other words, living what you know.

Knowledge doesn’t mean much if not reflected in how you’re actually showing up. Because the Law of Attraction isn’t responding to everything you know, but rather to the vibration you are offering.

Coaching with me is a vibrational tune-up.

I will help you improve your point of attraction so the Law of Attraction can respond with the circumstances, people, events, situations, and things you really want.

Why I offer schedule-as-you-want coaching.

In the field of life coaching, packages and monthly commitments are the norm.

Here’s the party line: Requiring a certain number of coaching sessions each month and a duration of time to work together helps you stay committed.

In the past I’ve certainly told prospective clients: 3 months helps us get to the good stuff; change takes time; this will hold you accountable.

But I don’t believe that anymore.

I think we can start with the good stuff and change can happen in the blink of an eye.

And if a required time commitment and contract are what keeps you committed, it’s at the lowest possible energetic level.

Freedom and flexibility = high energy. Contracts and artificial commitments = low energy.

That’s why I offer schedule-as-you-want coaching.

This means coaching is available as you want and need.

No packages, contracts, or long-term commitments.

You can schedule one session—or many.

If you get what you need from a single session, hooray. If you want to coach with me twice a month for the next six months, hooray.

I want coaching with me to be the inspired action you take when you want a vibrational tune-up. It’s all good, and it’s all up to you.

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“Talking to you is like a getting a vibrational tune-up! I love that I can just schedule a session whenever I feel inspired to do so and you’ll always help me see the highest-vibe version of things.”

—Ronelle | coaching client

Do you want to coach with me?

I love helping my clients use the Law of Attraction to manifest with ease.

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I’m a big believer in inspired action (Hey, I want to coach with Jennifer this week) vs. forced action (Ugh, I signed up for a package of coaching sessions and need to use them before they expire).