• One thing I’m not dragging into the new year

    I spent several minutes waffling back and forth. Pitch it? Keep it? Toss? Treasure? This was not the first time this had happened. But the fact I was wavering over a small bottle of eye cream magnified the ridiculous waste of time. So let me back up. I bought a bottle of fancy schmancy eye […]

  • It’s a year from now and you’re still struggling

    Do you want to be dealing with the same frustrations and problems a year from now that are in your life today? I can’t imagine your answer is anything but a resounding NO! No one wants to fast forward into the future and see themselves experiencing a kind of Groundhog Day, caught in an endless […]

  • Your #1 energy drain is probably in the room with you

    Did you know the most common type of energy drain is what’s going on around you in your environment? Skeptical? Energy drain audit. Then do a quick scan of your environment. Because I can almost guarantee it will yield drains on your energy. It’s that pile of unfiled paperwork on your desk and the chip in your car windshield. It’s […]

  • “Yeah, but” will only get you so far

    See if this sounds familiar. You’re confiding in a friend about a problem or dilemma you’re facing. Maybe you’re… Deciding whether to leave a soul-deadening job Struggling to make movement part of your daily life Exhausted from saying “yes” all the time Putting off a much-needed crucial conversation with a colleague Afraid to get back […]

  • Do you need to watch out for the big bad wolf?

    Once upon a time…the sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything’s rosy, and all is right with the world. Success is in the air. You’re at the top of your game. Things are going smoothly. Just like a fairy tale. But is there something lurking in the shadows that could get in the way […]

  • Where are you settling—and why?

    Are you settling? I know, I know. It’s such a loaded question. Because if the answer is “yes”, what do you do with that? What do you do with the knowledge you’re accepting or agreeing to something you consider less than satisfactory? Because THAT is the definition of settling. Accepting something that’s less than satisfactory. […]

  • Who else wants to break free of this fallacy?

    In philosophy there’s this thing called the is-ought fallacy. It boils down to this: Because something is or has been it ought to be. If you’re like me, you have to let that sink in for a minute. The is-ought fallacy is at work when we assume that because things are a certain way, they […]

  • Are you putting off a crucial conversation?

    Do you need to step outside your comfort zone and have a big conversation or ask a big question? Are you living small as you continue to put off having a crucial conversation? “I’m afraid to talk with my boss about where I’m headed with the company. I don’t think I’m going to like what […]

  • Do you know what your Eeyore moment means?

    The other day a client was goal setting when she was suddenly gripped by pessimism: I’m just going to set these goals, but nothing is really going to change… This gloomy outlook was in stark contrast to the mood of the previous weeks where epiphanies were flying about the goals she wanted to set. So […]

  • Are you ready to play in a bigger arena?

    I received a reminder from nature about the new possibilities that open up when we play in a bigger arena. Here’s what happened: I had a small plant that was thriving nicely in a small planter. I’d had the plant for years and it was remarkably consistent in size. Exploded in growth I recently decided […]