Gunk of Low-Energy Living: momentum

I want to talk about momentum as it relates to Law of Attraction. Specially, I want to talk about negative momentum and what happens when you’ve got that going on in your life.

By negative momentum I mean you’re feeling negative emotion and you’re stringing together hours and days of it. Perhaps even weeks or months of seemingly more misalignment than alignment.

You’re feeling some flavor of negative emotion on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s a pervasive negative emotion or maybe it’s more confined to one area or subject of your life.

For instance, you could have a lot of negative momentum when it comes to your marriage or to your job.

“There is a momentum factor caused by the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says: That which is like itself is drawn. So whatever thought you have activated by your attention to it is getting bigger.” —Abraham

Momentum by its very nature seems to have a life of its own. It gathers speed and intensity.

Abraham has even said that: “Momentum really is the most important aspect of deliberate creation that you could consciously contemplate. Because what momentum says is: Once you get going in that direction, it is more likely that you will continue in that direction.”

I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

When you get on a downward spiral, there seems to be no end to how far you can go down, how long that negative momentum can last. One negative thought attracts the next. A glass half empty mindset prevents you from seeing anything but what’s missing, what’s wrong, what you don’t like.

So once you get going in the direction of negative momentum, that is the direction you will continue to head unless you do something.

And I’m going to explore what I mean by “do something” in just a moment.

Before that, though, I want to share what I think is really interesting perspective from Abraham about this, who says:

“When you wait until momentum is well underway before you are aware that you are moving in the direction that you don’t want to go, sometimes the momentum is too strong and so that negative momentum just has to play itself out.” —Abraham

That’s interesting, right?

I understand this as a relief-giving sort of acceptance. OK, so I’ve got all this negative momentum going, I didn’t even really realize it was happening, but here I am, in the midst of this momentum that is decidedly not in the direction I want to go…and what if I just soften to that a bit, stop resisting the negative momentum, and just let it play out? Just let it peter out.

Now, how does that sound to you?

Personally, I feel some relief around this idea. Like I can just take a deep breath, let it out, and experience the relief of an inner knowing that when the negative momentum peters out, I’ll turn it around. I’ll head in the direction of positive momentum.

It may not happen instantly, but I will turn it around.

I think of it this way: It’s like a speeding car going in the wrong direction.

Yes, you want to turn your car around so you’re going the right way. But first you need to slow down. Because once you slow down, then you can turn around.

We can inadvertently add even more negative momentum to a situation when we are fighting it, resisting it, stamping our foot and exclaiming, this shouldn’t be happening. We add to the negative momentum when we think and believe everything should be different instantly.

So this situation in my life, this problem, this thing I don’t like, that I’ve been thinking about negatively and gotten a lot of momentum around, this thing should instantly be different, be fixed, be gone, be the way I want it to be.

When we think that way, we are continuing to activate and attract the very thing we don’t want. We are adding fuel to the fire of the negative momentum.

Abraham is saying perhaps that negative momentum just has to play itself out. And it will, indeed, play itself out when you soften, when you stop resisting, when you slow down that speeding car.

So how do you do that?

Earlier I said that once you get going in the direction of negative momentum, that is the direction you will continue to head unless you do something. So let’s shine a light on the “do something” part.

I’m going to simplify to three options.

One: You can continue to fuel the negative momentum, which is not what you want.

Two: You could fuel positive momentum, but if you’ve really got a lot of negative momentum going, you may not even have vibrational access in this direction right now.

Three: You can do things that, to use my earlier analogy, stop the speeding car. You want to just stop the negative momentum. Better yet, rather than “stop it”, just let it play out, let it peter out.

But how?

“There is always another opportunity to direct your thoughts and accomplish momentum in the direction of things that you do want. —Abraham

Direct your thoughts. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

It’s always and only and forever about thoughts.

Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts you are thinking. Your thoughts cause you to feel positive emotion or negative emotion, and that is then the vibration you offer to which Law of Attraction responds.

Bottom line: You got the negative momentum going with thoughts. Let me say that again: Your thoughts got the negative momentum going.

Sure, things were happening in your physical reality, things were going on in your world, but it is your thoughts about what was happening, what was missing, what went wrong, what you didn’t like—it was your thoughts about circumstances and conditions that caused you to offer a vibration that got the negative momentum going.


Too often we try to stop negative momentum by taking a bunch of action. Or by thinking more about the problem. We think this, this, and this must be the way we want and then we can feel better, and then the negative momentum will stop.

But Law of Attraction doesn’t work that way. It simply doesn’t.

The way to let the negative momentum play out is to stop fueling the situation with more thoughts that cause you to feel negative emotion.

Like fear, anger, disappointment, insecurity, powerlessness, worry, discouragement…

“If you can let anger subside, and let fear be replaced with more hopefulness, you will easily tap into a momentum of Well-being. It will seem so easy, you will wonder why you don’t do that more.” —Abraham

Don’t get hung up on the specific emotions of anger or fear, the point is that if you can let whatever negative emotion you are feeling subside, and be replaced with a better-feeling emotion, then you will have slowed that speeding car of negative momentum down enough so that you can then turn int the direction of positive momentum.

  • You let one emotion subside for another with your thoughts.
  • You replace one emotion with another with your thoughts.

In practical terms, this is all about reaching for a better-feeling thought or taking your attention off the subject altogether. In either case, you raise your vibration—you change the nature of the momentum that’s going on.

“You have to know in which direction the momentum is going. If the momentum is going toward what you want, then be more descriptive. If the momentum is going away from what you want, then shut it down—take a nap, go to sleep or meditate.” —Abraham

It’s helpful to look at different areas of your life and ask: What kind of momentum do I have going here?

As in, when you think about your career, what kind of momentum do you have going? What kind of momentum do you have going when it comes to your relationships? To your finances? Or health?

What kind of momentum do you have going?

Is it positive momentum? Negative momentum? More neutral—not really one way or the other. Maybe you would say it depends on what’s showing up in your life experience at the moment in that area.

It’s helpful to ask the question and consider momentum as it relates to different aspects because momentum is so creative.

“In order to understand your point of attraction and the way Law of Attraction is responding to you, you have to—or it’s easier if you will—put the word momentum in there because Law of Attraction is all about momentum.” —Abraham

I’ve had clients say once they have this momentum lens or frame for looking at different subjects in their lives, everything changed. It’s like they could suddenly see with such clarity why and how they were creating in that area of life as they had been. And better yet, they now understand how to create more deliberately by using momentum to their advantage. And no longer being “blind” to the negative momentum that was not only not feeling great but also not allowing the manifestations they desire.

So what about you? What kind of momentum do you have going on? And what does that mean about your point of attraction and how Law of Attraction is working in your life?