• Gratitude is both an attitude and a practice

    Being grateful is a choice. To pause. To appreciate. To acknowledge. Gratitude Practice Here are examples of a gratitude practice: Keep a gratitude journal and list three things each night for which you’re grateful. Use mealtimes for each family member to share one thing they’re grateful for that day. Make it a habit when standing in […]

  • Mind your own business and have more energy

    If your spouse, children, parents, boss, coworkers, neighbors, and friends would just do what you want, you’d be a whole lot happier. Right? Imagine you could wave a magic wand and get everyone in line with your wants, needs, and preferences. It would immediately and automatically eliminate a significant amount of friction, frustration, and energy […]

  • The glass really IS half full & the absurdity of pessimism

    I can’t stop thinking about a quote I read the other day. “We possess such immense resources of power that pessimism is a laughable absurdity.” I’ve never really understood pessimism as a point of view. Maybe that’s why the quote resonates. Believing the worst is waiting around the corner, seeing the glass half empty, expecting […]

  • Happy women water their own grass (and how you can too)

    It’s easy to look over there and see something you don’t have. Something better. Something you want. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Or at least it can seem that way. You look around and see your neighbor’s bigger house and newer car. You see your friend’s happy marriage […]

  • Isn’t it time to reclaim your energy?

    I just hate tolerations. Those pesky energy drains that have a sneaky way of accumulating. One becomes two becomes many. It’s the conversation you don’t have even though you know you need to. It’s the To Do you leave undone, moving it to tomorrow’s list, over and over. It’s the boundary you don’t set and […]

  • Your #1 energy drain is probably in the room with you

    Did you know the most common type of energy drain is what’s going on around you in your environment? Skeptical? Energy drain audit. Then do a quick scan of your environment. Because I can almost guarantee it will yield drains on your energy. It’s that pile of unfiled paperwork on your desk and the chip in your car windshield. It’s […]

  • Mindset: Magnify what's best. Focus on what's next.

    Magnify what’s best. Focus on what’s next.

    Sometimes you encounter a mindset so powerful it seems like adopting it would give you superpowers. That’s how I feel about this one: Magnify what’s best. Focus on what’s next. This is the Swiss army knife of mindsets. Multi-purpose, and handy to have in any situation. It can be applied anytime, anywhere. I’ve pulled this […]

  • Mini Mission—Make self-care an attitude

    What’s your approach to self-care? Is self-care an activity or an attitude? When self-care is perceived as disparate activities—do yoga, drink water instead of soda, journal, eat kale, wear sunscreen, meditate—it’s all too easy to get caught up in the business and busyness of life and skip X, Y, Z acts of self-care. Too many […]

  • But don’t you want to look at my resume?

    What’s the single most important factor in making a successful career transition? It’s not polishing your resume or letting everyone know you’re looking to make a career change. It’s not upgrading your skills, reading a book about interviewing, or even networking. No, a successful career transition starts in advance of those activities. It begins by […]