Appreciation & Mindset: gratitude

Being grateful is a choice. To pause. To appreciate. To acknowledge.

Gratitude Practice

Here are examples of a gratitude practice:

  1. Keep a gratitude journal and list three things each night for which you’re grateful.
  2. Use mealtimes for each family member to share one thing they’re grateful for that day.
  3. Make it a habit when standing in line or stuck in traffic to mentally catalog your gratitude.

What other ideas do you have for gratitude practice?
What is one gratitude practice you will embrace in the coming month?

Attitude of Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude means:

  • Half Full — Choosing to see the glass half full
  • Can vs. Can’t — Choosing to focus on what you can versus what you can’t
  • Have vs. Don’t — Choosing to focus on what you have versus what you don’t

What other ideas do you have about an attitude of gratitude?
How will you embrace an attitude of gratitude in the coming months?