Appreciation & Mindset: mindset

Sometimes you encounter a mindset so powerful it seems like adopting it would give you superpowers.

That’s how I feel about this one: Magnify what’s best. Focus on what’s next.

This is the Swiss army knife of mindsets. Multi-purpose, and handy to have in any situation.

It can be applied anytime, anywhere.

I’ve pulled this mindset out for run-of-the-mill messes like the crash of a hard drive and maddening times like six months living in a hotel because of construction delays.

But I’ve also sought its strength and hope in times of real crisis, like when my Dad was dying.

More than once, this mindset has saved me. From getting bogged down in frustration and from getting stuck too long in the grip of grief.

Full of forward momentum—focus on what’s next—this mindset just won’t let you stay stuck.

This mindset—this attitude toward life—mirrors my own deeply held belief there’s always something to build on. No matter the circumstance—how dire or trying, how heartbreaking or wearisome. There is always a foundation to be found.

Will you magnify what’s best and focus on what’s next?