• Now is the time: 10 reasons not to wait until January 1st

    A client recently mentioned wanting to start a new fitness routine. But she’s waiting until her birthday to begin. Her birthday isn’t for another 2 months. A friend’s been skipping her morning routine because she’s hitting the snooze button too many times. She said, Maybe I’ll get back to it once the kids are in […]

  • The Planner and the Anti-Planner have little in common

    I’m a planner by nature. I like the idea of 3-year plans and 5-year plans and best-year-yet plans. I like to plot my course. I’m here. I want to be there. Here’s how it will happen. All that is good. More times than not, it’s worked for me. Maybe you’re a planner too. Or perhaps […]

  • Mini mission—Quit something

    Today you’re going to quit something. That’s right, quit. Not start, but stop. Cease. Discontinue. Give up. Abandon. And boy is it going to feel good! We’re so used to starting things. Adding on. Beginning. But sometimes we need to create some breathing room. Our plate is too full. We’ve outgrown something. Said “yes” too […]

  • Keep moving

    Keep moving forward

    You may not know how or where to begin—only that it’s time to start. You may not know exactly what to pack for your trip, what you’ll need for the journey. You may not know the turn-by-turn route to your destination. You may not get from Point A to Point B in the quickest, most […]