Start, Stop & Change: quit something

Today you’re going to quit something.

That’s right, quit.

Not start, but stop. Cease. Discontinue. Give up. Abandon.

And boy is it going to feel good!

We’re so used to starting things. Adding on. Beginning.

But sometimes we need to create some breathing room. Our plate is too full. We’ve outgrown something. Said “yes” too quickly.

And the only way to create space is to quit.

To say:

  • I no longer want to do this. I’m quitting.
  • This no longer works for me. I’m going to need to quit.
  • My priorities have changed, so I’ll be quitting X.
  • This is getting in the way of my own self-care. I have to quit.

Here’s your mini mission

Quit something that no longer works, fits, or is a priority. Quit something that’s no longer aligned with who you are today or what you truly value. Quit something that keeps you living small and playing too safe.

Starting today, what will you quit?