Keep moving

You may not know how or where to begin—only that it’s time to start.

You may not know exactly what to pack for your trip, what you’ll need for the journey.

You may not know the turn-by-turn route to your destination.

You may not get from Point A to Point B in the quickest, most direct route.

You may meander and lose your way at times.

You may take detours both planned and unplanned.

You may tire of the view along the way or go so fast the world around you is only a blur.

You may encounter bumps in the road and there may be accidents along the way.

You may travel with the flow. Other times, you may head in an opposite direction.

You may look longingly at others making their journey in shiny cars that seem to travel friction-free.

You may get stuck by the side of the road and wait a long time for someone to stop, finally realizing you’ll have to help yourself.

You may find the journey splatters the windshield, making it difficult to see what’s right in front of you.

You may find yourself traveling with one foot on the brake, wondering why you’re not getting anywhere.

You may need to stop at times—rest, reorient.

Sometimes all you can do is keep moving.

Keep moving forward.