Start, Stop & Change: planner

I’m a planner by nature. I like the idea of 3-year plans and 5-year plans and best-year-yet plans.

I like to plot my course. I’m here. I want to be there. Here’s how it will happen.

All that is good. More times than not, it’s worked for me. Maybe you’re a planner too.

Or perhaps you’re just the opposite.

Maybe the thought of a 3-year plan makes it hard to breathe. Too much planning feels rigid, constrained.

You like to figure it out as you go. And for the most part, that approach has worked for you.

The Planner and the Anti-Planner have little in common when it comes to how they go about achieving their goals.

But here’s the thing: Whether you plot every step or fly by the seat of your pants, at some point you just have to start.


And today is the perfect time to do just that. Here’s to starting!