• Let the Universe do the heavy lifting of manifesting

    The Universe will the do the heavy lifting of manifesting for you. You don’t need to make things happen or try really hard and force what you want to manifest. That’s not your job. Always keep in mind that what you desire has been vibrationally created. That’s the essence of Step 2 of manifesting. What […]

  • All that hustle and hard work was exhausting

    “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you. A joy.” Rumi To be honest, not that long ago I didn’t even know what that quote meant. Not really. Hustle and hard work Because in the past I was all about hustle and hard work. And that worked to some […]

  • The glass really IS half full & the absurdity of pessimism

    I can’t stop thinking about a quote I read the other day. “We possess such immense resources of power that pessimism is a laughable absurdity.” I’ve never really understood pessimism as a point of view. Maybe that’s why the quote resonates. Believing the worst is waiting around the corner, seeing the glass half empty, expecting […]

  • Maybe it’s not a lack of willpower…but a missing skill

    You’re asked to use software completely unfamiliar to you… You try a complicated new cooking technique… You take on new responsibilities at work outside your expertise…. What happens? You struggle. At least at first. And if you never build the skill or acquire the knowledge you need, you’ll probably continue to struggle. Gap in skills and […]

  • Top 10 Ways Not To Achieve Your Goal

    Top 10 ways NOT to achieve your goals

    1. Keep your goal a secret. Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone about your goal. That way no one can rally around you with support, resources, and accountability. Keeping your goal a secret also ensures part of you is hidden away. What’s so great about showing up in the world in an authentic way? 2. […]

  • How to get into action with 5 easy questions

    How to get into action with 5 easy questions

    “Action expresses priorities.” —Gandhi Are you expressing your priorities right now through your actions? You can get into action more easily by asking yourself a few simple questions. But be warned: These questions are a catalyst. Answer them only if you’re prepared to be in action. 1. What are you committed to and why? There’s nothing quite so […]

  • 6 questions to ask when your resources are scarce

    When you think about your goals, where is there a gap in your resources? Are you lacking the assets—the things or thoughts, actions or energy—you need? We need resources to accomplish our goals and be the person we want to be. But here’s the thing: Often we complain we don’t have the necessary resources and […]

  • Do you live in the land of lack?

    Dearth. Deficit. Deprivation. Deficiency. There’s never enough. Enough time. Enough money. Enough connections. Enough knowledge. I’ve encountered this scarcity mentality a lot lately. In fact, oxymoron that it is: Some people seem to thrive on lacking something. They seem to have a surplus of deficiency. What’s your filter? It’s one thing to be aware of a gap […]

  • Is it the right goal and is it YOUR goal?

    Are you tired of setting goals you don’t achieve? Are you worn out by missing the target for what you want most in life? Goals are great when you set yourself up for success in achieving them. Otherwise, unmet goals leave you feeling discouraged and doubting your abilities to succeed. Here’s a litmus test for […]