• It’s a great big beautiful world, but…

    It’s a great big beautiful world out there. Full of amazing wonder. And we’re living in an incredible age. Full of possibility. And, of course, we’re also living in a world filled with things that vex us. That are not the way we want them to be. Or think they should be. World tolerations There […]

  • If what you focus on multiplies, you’d better think twice

    You’ve probably heard some version of this expression: Whatever you focus your attention on multiplies, expands, grows. But are you using this adage to your advantage? Consider your thoughts over the past hour. What were you focused on? What was the internal dialogue running through your mind? What about during the past week? What were […]

  • Are you complaining about something that happened a year ago?

    A friend I hadn’t seen in awhile recounted a story about something that happened to him at work. The Dilbert-like story showcased a toxic relationship with a colleague and highlighted a dysfunctional work environment. My friend, let’s call him “Bob”, told the story with such gusto that I wondered if I was witnessing someone hyperventilate. This […]

  • Stepping through the door

    Do you need to finally decide whether to make a career change?

    At some point, you have to stop thinking and step through the door. I see it all the time: Someone is thinking and thinking and thinking about doing something, but never actually walks through the proverbial door to do it. Recently, a new client came to me who has been thinking about making a career […]