Appreciation & Mindset: what you focus on multiplies

You’ve probably heard some version of this expression: Whatever you focus your attention on multiplies, expands, grows.

But are you using this adage to your advantage?

Consider your thoughts over the past hour.

What were you focused on? What was the internal dialogue running through your mind?

What about during the past week? What were your dominant thoughts? Where did you put your focus? What did you ruminate on?

For instance, one of my clients is unhappy with her financial situation.

She wants to feel more financially secure. All things money are a big focus right now.

My client says she wants financial peace of mind. Security, prosperity, ease.

But when I listen to her, I hear insecurity, scarcity, and hardship. There’s a lot of focus on “not enoughness”.

  • Everything is so expensive and it’s impossible to eat healthy on a budget.
  • I’d love to try that new restaurant, but only if they have a Groupon.
  • It seems no matter how much money comes in, there’s always more going out.
  • I can’t believe the price of that coffee drink. I’d feel guilty drinking it.

Scarcity is always in the background.

What you focus on multiplies—and takes on a life of its own.

So if you focus on lack, you see more of it. You experience more of it. If you look at the world through a scarcity mindset, that’s all you can see. And you act accordingly.

On the other hand, if you focus on abundance—in all its forms—there’s more and more.

Quite simply: What you pay attention to has a huge impact on how you see the world.

And how you show up in it. The thoughts you think and the actions you take. The opportunities you notice—and those you don’t.

Think about what you’ve been focused on lately. Is it what you want more and more of in your life?