Start, Stop & Change: career change

At some point, you have to stop thinking and step through the door.

I see it all the time: Someone is thinking and thinking and thinking about doing something, but never actually walks through the proverbial door to do it.

Recently, a new client came to me who has been thinking about making a career change for years.

Not months. Not a year or two. But years.

Career change indecision

In fact, it’s almost like she has two jobs —what she does for a living, which takes up about 45 hours a week of her life AND thinking about making a change, which takes up nearly every other waking moment.

She came to coaching to finally walk through the door.

Or more accurately: She came to coaching to either walk through the door or shut it once and for all.

Either way, a kind of freedom

  • If she opts for making a career transition, she gets the freedom that better alignment of employment always brings.
  • On the other hand, if she decides to stay put, she frees up energy currently being focused on dissatisfaction and disengagement with her current career.

Step through the door

The bottom line is this: Finally making a choice allows her to step through the door.

There may be new challenges waiting on the other side, but there will also be greater direction and more peace of mind.

What door have you been hanging around that you finally want to walk through—or shut once and for all?