• I attended this conference and here’s what happened

    I recently attended the annual Forum of WXW here in Ann Arbor. WXW was created to connect women with other women in an open, supportive environment. We host monthly events dedicated to personal development, professional development, and networking. Since 2007, WXW has helped thousands of business women connect, learn, and succeed. The Forum is an […]

  • It’s not the job market that will get in your way. It’s you.

    I was talking to a great guy recently about his job search. He has an impressive resume of top jobs with organizations familiar to all of us. He’s smart, articulate, a master problem solver, and someone who doesn’t just say the words “team” and “collaboration”, but truly lives these concepts. His skillset is impressive, and […]

  • Reframe limiting beliefs in 6 steps

    Limiting beliefs are sure to keep you stuck

    I watch otherwise smart and capable people stay stuck day after day because of limiting beliefs. The person who says, I’m just not creative foregoes opportunities to create. The person who says, I’ve never been able to stick with things stops setting goals altogether. The person who says, I’m not good at networking and wouldn’t really know how […]

  • Mindset: Dreams are impractical

    Dreams are impractical. Or are they?

    It hurts my heart when someone says dreams are impractical. Hurts my head and soul too. And I do hear it. At least a couple times a month. Sometimes more. I’ve heard it from clients, workshop attendees, the woman doing my nails, the man seated next to me on the plane. This bleak mindset sometimes […]

  • Will the real you please stand up?

    Will the real you please stand up?

    “They won’t like me if I act like myself.” That’s what a client worried aloud the other day. She was dreading an upcoming networking event and was already exhausted by the turn-herself-inside-out machinations she anticipated undertaking. To please. To win over. To not offend. I’ve heard many versions of this same sentiment: The fear that […]