• Should you worry if your alignment practice stops working?

    Perhaps you have an amazing alignment practice that gets you feeling so good…and then one day…it doesn’t. Your alignment practice stops working. Should you worry? Well, first let me say: It’s not a problem—unless you make it a problem. In fact, instead of being a problem, it can actually be a good thing. Here’s why: […]

  • Love Your Life #053: What to do: Your alignment practice no longer works

    Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. Today we’re going to talk about why it’s not a problem when your alignment practice stops working. To access this episode, join LYL Premium. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn… The important distinction between an alignment practice and a morning routine Why […]

  • The problem with morning routines and alignment

    Morning routines and rituals can be a great anchor for your alignment practice. But here’s a cautionary tale about alignment and routines and rituals. I have a client who recently wanted to create a new morning routine. She spent a lot of time thinking about what her routine would consist of and what would be […]

  • My coffee ritual and how I get in alignment

    I’m going to share how I get in alignment. Now, here’s the thing: Your alignment practices will look different from mine, for sure. So keep in mind I’m sharing to give you ideas and spark your thinking. Let’s start with the importance of coffee I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker. And I gave up […]

  • Now is the time: 10 reasons not to wait until January 1st

    A client recently mentioned wanting to start a new fitness routine. But she’s waiting until her birthday to begin. Her birthday isn’t for another 2 months. A friend’s been skipping her morning routine because she’s hitting the snooze button too many times. She said, Maybe I’ll get back to it once the kids are in […]

  • Are you getting more than you’re giving up?

    The other day a client was lamenting a bad habit she’d developed: Hitting the snooze button and rolling over for a few more minutes of sleep…and then hitting snooze for a few more minutes…and then snoozing again. The result of this nearly hour-long snooze and roll? She was still technically getting up “on time”—if on […]

  • How do you want to work, play, love and live?

    I love asking people to describe their ideal day. What time it starts. How they greet the day. Their morning routine. I love to hear about the adventure they would make of their day. The work they would get lost in. Their creative pursuits. How they would contribute. All the ways they would connect. How […]

  • It all falls apart when you won’t decide

    It seems everyone is trying to simplify some aspect of their lives. Their calendar, commitments, finances… Their commute, To Do list, expectations… Their morning routine, relationships, living space… The desire to simplify is strong. On the other side of simplified is more time and freedom. Less stress and anxiety. More of what matters and less […]

  • Mini Mission—Recreate your morning routine

    You have a morning routine, right? Some set of actions that take place between waking and working? But do you have a morning routine that starts your day with your best foot forward? For many, that’s a different story. It’s great for a morning routine to be on autopilot—something you do automatically—but only after ensuring […]

  • Here’s how I start my day

    I don’t have a set schedule. One day I might have back-to-back coaching calls starting at 8 a.m. and the next day be call-free until early afternoon. While I love the variety and flexibility, it also leads me to crave more structure to start the day. After some experimenting, here’s the routine I’ve landed on: […]