• Mini mission—Quit something

    Today you’re going to quit something. That’s right, quit. Not start, but stop. Cease. Discontinue. Give up. Abandon. And boy is it going to feel good! We’re so used to starting things. Adding on. Beginning. But sometimes we need to create some breathing room. Our plate is too full. We’ve outgrown something. Said “yes” too […]

  • Reframe limiting beliefs in 6 steps

    Limiting beliefs are sure to keep you stuck

    I watch otherwise smart and capable people stay stuck day after day because of limiting beliefs. The person who says, I’m just not creative foregoes opportunities to create. The person who says, I’ve never been able to stick with things stops setting goals altogether. The person who says, I’m not good at networking and wouldn’t really know how […]

  • Are you making low-energy choices?

    Do you see yourself in these low-energy choices?

    There is energy associated with every choice you make. A low-energy choice leaves you feeling drained, conflicted, stuck, disconnected, fearful, frustrated, hopeless, and ready to crawl back into bed. You contract into a low-energy choice, and it leaves you feeling “less than”. Do you see yourself in any of these low-energy choices? Negativity This low-energy […]

  • It’s time to stop deflecting compliments

    My clients have exciting things going on in their lives. Starting new businesses, making much-desired career changes, writing books, planning extended trips abroad, getting their finances in order, letting go of the past and creating authentic new chapters. Altogether exciting stuff! But even with amazing progress toward these goals, there’s this persistent habit of disqualifying […]

  • Wake up to your best life

    Do you have the courage to wake up and live life on purpose? What would it take to quiet the voices of everyone but yourself and follow your own lead? What would it mean to reinvent yourself? Each of us is unique. And when we default to a life that doesn’t celebrate that uniqueness on […]