Gunk of Low-Energy Living: wake up

Do you have the courage to wake up and live life on purpose?

  • What would it take to quiet the voices of everyone but yourself and follow your own lead?
  • What would it mean to reinvent yourself?

Each of us is unique. And when we default to a life that doesn’t celebrate that uniqueness on a daily basis, we lose the opportunity to bring ourselves fully into the world. The light that’s uniquely our own never truly shines.

Let’s wake up!

Let’s grow into ourselves and find the path that is ours alone to walk. Let’s wake up to the sweetness of a life truly lived.

Let us still every voice that says we can’t. We shouldn’t. That says we are not good enough. That we will look silly or stupid. That says how dare we. That talks us out of our dream before it has seen the light of day.

Let us quiet the part of ourselves that says we don’t deserve more. That says we should count our blessings and be content with the life we have. That voice that keeps us small and inside ourselves and living from fear.

It’s time to breathe

Waking up is like taking off a suit of armor that’s been such a burden to wear, but we’ve been doing it so long we’ve become accustomed to the weight of others’ expectancy and our internalization of how others see us.

When we take off that heavy burden, we stand straighter. We can breathe—perhaps for the first real time.

We come to realize how much we’ve shouldered that wasn’t ours to carry. How many burdens we stretched out our hands for that were not ours to take. How often we have struggled because the plans and goals that occupied our days were not truly our own.

My challenge to you is wake up from fear, inertia, busyness, denial, deferred dreams, and living small. What life would you live if it were your best life?