• Sometimes you just have to take the first step

    I was reminded recently of something I seem to relearn on occasion: Sometimes you have to jump in and get started, even when you don’t know exactly how to do something. You just have to take the first step. As my friend Denise has said, You have to have faith the path will appear. For […]

  • Wake up to your best life

    Do you have the courage to wake up and live life on purpose? What would it take to quiet the voices of everyone but yourself and follow your own lead? What would it mean to reinvent yourself? Each of us is unique. And when we default to a life that doesn’t celebrate that uniqueness on […]

  • You just have to take the next right step

    Getting into action is often easier said than done. Anyone who says differently is either fibbing or has lived a truly grace-filled life. There are many days when it would be easier to be consumed by inertia in its many forms…sleeping in late, watching reruns of shows that weren’t that great the first time, reading […]