• Do you know these 7 things about Law of Attraction?

    There are so many ways to understand Law of Attraction. Great explanations, analogies, quotes. Just when I think I really “get” LoA, I read or hear something—perhaps even something I’d read or heard before—and yet it lands in a new way. My understanding is deepened or expanded. Other times I actively seek all those great […]

  • I encourage you to keep it simple: Wanted or unwanted?

    We live in an attraction-based Universe. You don’t say yes with your words. You don’t say yes with what you want. Instead, you say yes with your attention. So here’s what I want to ask: Are you paying attention to what you want? Or…are you paying attention to what you don’t want? “This is an […]

  • Do you need a reminder about these LoA basics?

    I created Manifest with Ease: Law of Attraction Simplified because this is the course I wish I’d had when I started my LoA journey. It would have simplified Law of Attraction for me and helped me more easily and readily apply LoA in my life. This course teaches 28 core essentials of Law of Attraction. I […]