Law of Attraction: basics

I created Manifest with Ease: Law of Attraction Simplified because this is the course I wish I’d had when I started my LoA journey. It would have simplified Law of Attraction for me and helped me more easily and readily apply LoA in my life.

This course teaches 28 core essentials of Law of Attraction.

I distilled these 28 core essentials from hundreds of hours of study, reading dozens and dozens of books about Law of Attraction, listening to Abraham for countless hundreds of hours, doing so many fun LoA experiments in my own life, and coaching clients through the lens of Law of Attraction.

I didn’t set out to land on a particular number, but these 28 things just kept coming to the surface. While you could know more things or different things about Law of Attraction and how to make it work in your life, I’m confident these 28 are truly the essentials.

I’m going to share a few things about the course and then do a deep dive into Module 1 where I’ll be sharing 5 of those 28 core essentials included in the course.

Manifest with Ease consists of five modules.

  • Module 1 is Manifesting 101: How Law of Attraction Works. In this module you’ll learn the 5 core principles you need to know to succeed with Law of Attraction. Just five. And you are going to know all five by the end of this post.
  • Module 2 of the course is The Importance of Feeling Good. This module will help you pay attention to how you feel, reach for the relief of better-feeling thoughts, and prioritize feeling good. This module introduces you to the emotional scale, which is a really useful LoA tool.
  • Module 3 is Ask and It Is Given: 3 Steps to Manifesting. This module offers a simple explanation of the three steps of manifesting along with how to avoid a common obstacle related to each step. Even if you are very clear about the three steps of manifesting, it’s those obstacles that may be in your way.
  • Module 4 of the course is How to Improve Your Point of Attraction. This module will help you stop doing things that lower your point of attraction and start showing up in ways that raise your vibration. You’ll learn 6 specific ways to improve your point of attraction.
  • Module 5 is Common Blocks to Manifesting. In this module you’ll find six common blocks to manifesting—along with a super simple solution for remedying each one of those manifesting blocks. I’m pretty sure you will recognize at least one of these blocks as yours. At the outset of my LoA journey, all six of these blocks were definitely in my way.

In addition to the teaching content I’ve just described, each module includes:

  • A one-page worksheet to help you apply what you’re learning
  • A feature I call The Law of Attraction Coach Is In, which is an excerpt from a real life coaching session that applies to the module
  • A really cool, visually pleasing printable of the key takeaway from the module

The course is delivered as a beautifully designed 60-page PDF along with an MP3 audiobook. The MP3 is an audio version of the course. So if you prefer learning by listening, you’ll enjoy an hour+ of me narrating the course content.

Let’s dive in to Module 1: Manifesting 101: How Law of Attraction Works

I want to teach you the basics of how Law of Attraction works. These basics are not complicated. In fact, they’re really quite simple.

If you understand and embrace the basics, you’ll have a really solid foundation for applying Law of Attraction in your life. Meaning you’ll be able to manifest the goals you want to achieve, shiny pennies you want to acquire, and experiences you want to have.

For many of you, these basics are going to sound very familiar. That’s OK. I’m several years into my obsession with all things Law of Attraction, and I still benefit from a reminder, a refresher about the basics.

Let’s talk about the 5 core principles you need to know to succeed with Law of Attraction.

Core principle #1 Circumstances are neutral.

This means things, people, events, and situations are neutral.

  • Your spouse forgot your birthday
  • A traffic jam made you late to work
  • Your boss issues an impossible deadline
  • Your friend baled on lunch plans
  • You receive an overdue notice
  • The scale shows five more pounds

All these circumstances are neutral.

Now you might be thinking: A traffic jam. Late for work. Impossible deadline. But aren’t they all negative?

No. All circumstances are neutral. Nothing outside you has the power to make you feel good or bad.

It is your thoughts about circumstances—the way you interpret them and the meaning you attach—that cause you to feel positive or negative emotion.

Here’s my question: Have you been blaming circumstances for how you feel? If so, then right away you know you have a beautiful opportunity to stop blaming circumstances so that you have a more solid footing for manifestation.

Core principle #2 Your thoughts create your feelings.

Your best friend canceled lunch plans (that’s the circumstance). You can think: How rude. She does this all the time. Or Thank goodness, now I have some me-time.

When you think your friend is rude, that thought causes feelings of blame and irritation. On the other hand, when your thought is now you have much needed me-time, you feel appreciation and freedom.

The circumstance is exactly the same. Your friend cancelled lunch plans.

It is your thoughts about a circumstance that give it meaning and create your feelings. When you think a thought (a sentence in your head), it creates a feeling (a sensation in your body). This means you can deliberately choose your thoughts to create feelings you want to feel.

  • Do want to feel positive expectation? What thoughts would create that feeling?
  • Do want to feel enthusiasm? What thoughts could you think to feel enthusiasm?

Likewise, have you been feeling negative emotion—like frustration? What thoughts are causing you to feel frustration?

Again, don’t be tempted to pin your frustration on a circumstance. Instead, I want you to connect the dots from how you feel to the thoughts you are thinking.

Your thoughts create your feelings.

Core principle #3 Law of Attraction: Like attracts like.

This might be the most important thing you need to know about Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

Simple, right?

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Another way to put it: Whatever you are giving by way of your vibrational offering, you are receiving. What you give, you receive.

This means you are creating your reality.

You are doing this by attracting the essence of what you are thinking and feeling. Every area of your life is influenced by Law of Attraction—your health, finances, relationships, everything.

This means nothing merely shows up in your life. You attract all of it—because you are manifesting what you are in vibrational alignment with.

The question I would ask you: What are you giving? Is what you are giving—again that’s through your thought-feeling combo—is what you are giving allowing you to receive what you want?

Core principle #4 You are a magnet attracting what you think and feel.

Your point of attraction is a combination of your thoughts and feelings.

  • If you’re focused on unpaid bills and feeling worried and discouraged, that is your point of attraction. You will attract more situations into your life about which to feel worried and discouraged
  • If you are focused on abundance and feeling appreciative for all you have in your life, that is your point of attraction. You will attract more abundance and things to feel appreciative about into your life.

Law of Attraction is not responding to only the thoughts you are thinking. It is responding to you on the vibrational level of your feelings.

Let’s say you’re thinking about having more money in the bank or receiving a raise at work.

Your thoughts are all about more money, but your feelings tell a different story. You are feeling insecure, worried, and fearful about money.

Well, Law of Attraction responds to your thought-feeling combo—with feelings taking precedence over thoughts.

Here’s my question: What you are attracting—based on what you’ve been thinking and feeling?

The opportunity for most of us related to this core principle is to realize Law of Attraction is responding to our vibration, to how we feel. Walking around saying positive things with a smile plastered on your face is not going to work if how you feel doesn’t match up.

Core principle #5 We live in an attraction-based Universe.

Your attention is always saying yes.

  • When you’re focused on what you don’t want, you’re saying yes to it.
  • When you’re focused on the problem, you’re saying yes to it.
  • When you are paying attention to what you don’t like, you’re saying yes to it.

Whatever you give your attention to is saying yes to it.

That’s why it’s so important to put your focus on what is wanted, not what is unwanted. Because what you give thought to—wanted or unwanted—you begin to invite into your experience.

You might think words are enough so you say, I don’t want to be in debt. The message you’re sending to the Universe is debt.

  • I don’t want to be overweight. Overweight.
  • I don’t want to be sick. Sick
  • I don’t want to be single. Single.

What you focus on grows. Whatever you are focusing on is what you are including in your vibration to which Law of Attraction responds.

Focus on what you like. Give your attention to what is wanted.

Law of Attraction responds to what you are giving your attention to—especially when you do so with feeling.

Here’s my question: Have you been giving your attention what you want or what you don’t want? Have you been focused on what you like or on what you don’t like?

Let me recap these 5 basics of how Law of Attraction works.

  • Circumstances are neutral. Your action step is to stop blaming circumstances for how you feel.
  • Your thoughts create your feelings. our action step is to choose thoughts that create desired feelings.
  • Law of Attraction: Like attracts like. Your action step is to live as if what you give is what you receive.
  • You’re a magnet attracting what you think and feel. Your action step is to prioritize feeling good to improve your point of attraction
  • We live in an attraction-based Universe. Your action step is to focus on what you want and like and appreciate.

Do you see what I mean that those core principles are not complicated? They really are quite simple. My hope is you see opportunities in these five core principles to deepen your LoA practice.

Without further ado, Module 1_Manifest With Ease_Law of Attraction Simplified

If you are interested in purchasing the full course: Manifest with Ease: Law of Attraction Simplified.