Alignment, Ease, Energy & Flow: Law of Attraction

There are so many ways to understand Law of Attraction. Great explanations, analogies, quotes.

Just when I think I really “get” LoA, I read or hear something—perhaps even something I’d read or heard before—and yet it lands in a new way. My understanding is deepened or expanded.

Other times I actively seek all those great explanations and analogies and quotes because I want to be reminded. I want to be reminded of what I already know.

I hear this so often from my clients.

They also appreciate being reminded of what they already know. And they so appreciate when some nugget of wisdom lands in a new way that allows the light bulb to go on, the epiphany to flow, the deepening and expansion of understanding to occur.

I’d like to share seven ways of thinking about Law of Attraction.

If you’ve been at your practice for awhile, there may be absolutely nothing brand new here. But this is an invitation to allow new dots to connect or perhaps dots that you knew were connected but can use a reminder about.

So let’s dive in!

“There is nothing on earth that you cannot have once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it.” —Robert Collier

This is core LoA because it’s about beliefs. It’s about step 2 of manifesting which says what you want has been vibrationally created.

But when you have doubts about your ability to get or have what you want, then you gunk up step 2. You get in the way of manifesting what you want.

This is why it’s so important when you want to achieve a goal, acquire a shiny penny, embody a state of being—when you want to manifest something—it’s so important that your beliefs align with your desire. That your beliefs support what you want. That your beliefs do not contradict what you want.

The skies the limit, but the price of getting what you want is believing.

“What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling—every single time.” —Abraham

Law of Attraction 101: Your thought-feeling combo is creative. You are attracting based on the thoughts you are thinking and the emotions those thoughts create in you.

In other words, you offer a vibration—that’s the emotion you are feeling—and Law of Attraction delivers circumstances and conditions, people and events, situations and things that are a vibrational match.

And so if you want insight into what you’ve been thinking and feeling, look at what’s showing up in your life. Look at the evidence in your physical reality.

“The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.” —Joe Dispenza

Oh, this is such a good reminder.

You might want something so very much. I mean, you really want the partner or to start a family; you really want the job or the money, the health or the house.

There is no doubt about what you want. You think about it often, seemingly all the time.

And yet, what you want hasn’t yet manifested. Why?

Often it’s simply this: You might want something very badly, but you are vibrating the absence of lack or what you want.

  • You are worried you won’t get what you want.
  • You are impatient because what you want hasn’t manifested.
  • You are confused about how to make it happen.
  • You are frustrated it is taking so long.

The quantum field, then, responds to who you are being, which is worried, impatient, confused, frustrated.

You might say, but I really, really want x, y. or z.

Desire is a beautiful thing. But Law of Attraction can only deliver what you are wanting when you vibrationally align with your desire. Low vibe, negative emotions are not in alignment with your desire. Not at all!

Stop thinking so much about what you want—you’ve already placed your order with the Universe—and start focusing on vibrationally aligning with what you want.

“As I say yes to life, life says yes to me. Life mirrors my every thought. As I keep my thoughts positive, life brings to me only good experiences.” —Louise Hay

I always perk up with wisdom from Louise Hay!

Basically she’s saying: You receive what you give.

  • When you give love, you receive love.
  • When you give anger, you receive anger.

Whatever you are giving vibrationally is what will show up in your life.

When Louise says, “As I keep my thoughts positive” she isn’t saying that everything in her world is positive. But she is saying that she’s keeping her thoughts on what is positive.

Meaning, she is looking for positive aspects. She is looking for what she wants to see. She is looking at the world through the filter of the glass being half full.

Rather than waiting to see what shows up for her or paying attention to everything, this Law of Attraction wisdom is encouraging you to focus on positive aspects.

If life mirrors every thought you’ve had in the past hour, what would you expect to show up in your life experience?

“The better it gets the better it gets. The worse it gets the worse it gets.” —Abraham

Ah, yes! Like attracts like.

When you are thinking thoughts that feel good to you, it’s easier to think the next thought that also feels good. When you are noticing with appreciation all the positive aspects of your life, it’s easy to notice the next aspect that you are grateful for.

When you are feeling high vibe, perhaps appreciative or excited, filled with positive expectation and optimism, it just gets better and better. You are on an upward spiral. When you are offering a high vibration, thoughts of a similar frequency are drawn to you.

Your high vibe thoughts and feelings attract a high vibe life experience. The better it gets, the better it gets.

Of course, we all have experienced the opposite, as well.

The worse it gets, the worse it gets. You wake up late, dreading the day ahead. You are stuck in traffic, frustrated with your commute. You worry all morning about the upcoming meeting with your boss, and pre-pave the very meeting you do not want, filled with friction and frustration.

It just seems as if the day keeps getting worse.

Because like attracts like.

Offering a negative vibration attracts thoughts of a similar frequency. When you are feeling negative emotion, what you notice in the world around you is not positive aspects, but things that match the frequency of your low vibration.

Your low vibe begins to attract. And so the downward spiral begins.

This adage—“The better it gets the better it gets. The worse it gets the worse it gets.”—is why it’s so important to catch yourself when you pop out of alignment, and why it’s so wonderful to milk those aligned times when you are feeling high vibe.

“The core tenet of The Law of Attraction says: What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about.” —Jack Canfield

Indeed! This is a great way to understand LoA.

Notice it’s all those things—your thoughts, your conversations, your beliefs, and your feelings. Of course, your feelings are always caused by the thoughts you are thinking and the words you are speaking and the beliefs you are holding.

One thing to emphasize is the “and feel intensely about” because it is our activated thoughts—those we feel strongly positive about or strongly negative about that are creative.

If I’m thinking about the spinach salad I’ll be having for lunch and have no strong feeling one way or another, then that’s not going to play a role in my creative mix.

But thoughts that cause strong positive or negative emotion definitely are creative, are attracting.

Also, I would emphasize: It’s not enough to talk positively. Someone can say all the “right” things as in they sound incredibly positive. But the thoughts they are thinking are not truly positive. And they don’t feel positive. Inside they are feeling some flavor of low vibe.

So it’s not about sounding like a walking affirmation, it’s about truly thinking and believing and feeling in a high vibe way that attracts high vibe conditions and circumstances.

“I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative.” —Michael Losier

This is most definitely Law of Attraction 101.

Because there is a direct line from your attention, your focus, to what you are attracting. At any moment of the day, you can give your attention to something positive that makes you feel good, something you like and want…or you can give your attention to something that makes you feel bad, that you don’t like, that you don’t want.

Your focus is super important when it comes to Law of Attraction. In fact, I would say your focus is your super power when it comes to manifesting.

You’ve likely heard the expression, Look for what you want to see. That’s because when you start your day looking for what pleases you, what you like and you put your focus there, then you feel good, your vibration is high, and you attract from that frequency.

Likewise, when you start your day noticing this thing you don’t want and that thing you don’t like, and you complain about this, that and the other, and focus your attention on things that cause you to feel negative emotion, you are mis-creating, for sure.

This is because, as Abraham says: “This is an attraction-based Universe. You cannot say no. You are always saying, “Yes please, yes please, yes please” with your attention.”

So when you look at the situation at work you don’t like, you’re attracting more along that same frequency. When you complain about your co-workers, you are attracting more that is vibrationally aligned with the very thing you are complaining about.

That’s why spending time thinking or talking about what you don’t want is so counter-productive when it comes to manifesting. The Universe isn’t responding to the don’t part. I don’t want… I don’t like… No, it’s responding to your attention, energy, and focus.

While I’ve shared seven different ways to understand LoA, of course, there are countless others. But I hope something resonated today or you connected a dot. Maybe you appreciate being reminded of something you already knew.

Perhaps you’re sensing a new opportunity to offer a vibration that will truly attract what you want into your life.

Maybe you’re realizing you have some belief work to do. Do you believe you can have the things you want?

Who are you being? Are you being—as in, thinking and feeling and believing—in a way that will attract what you want to manifest in your life?

Have you been complaining? At all? About anything? Because that’s saying yes to something you are not going to find pleasing. Cleaning up complaining is a great way to clean up your vibration.

Do you have an opportunity to catch your misalignment a little sooner next time—so that you don’t experience the full downward spiral of the worse it gets, the worse it gets?