Fear & Other Tough Stuff: Super Attractor

Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction.

Today we’re going to talk about three blocks to being a Super Attractor.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Three manifesting blocks that were part of my early LoA journey and why diagnosing these blocks is important
  • How you can say affirmations, pray, and meditate—and still have a significant manifesting block
  • The behavior our culture applauds that blocks you from being a Super Attractor
  • Why the Universe doesn’t respond well to frantic energy
  • The manifesting block that is natural for many of us—and the sneaky ways it shows up
  • My recent encounter with a manifesting block that set off big time warning bells from my Emotional Guidance System
  • The common theme of all three of these manifesting blocks


“Manic manifesting happens when someone has all the spiritual tools and jargon but forgets the most important part of attraction: to tune in to the Universe. You can say affirmations, pray, and meditate every day and still not attract because your energy is out of alignment.” —Gabby Bernstein

“Pushers are people who try to push and control to reach their goals and feel safe. They believe that the more they do, the more they’ll achieve. They’re trying to ‘make things happen’ rather than allowing themselves to attract naturally.” —Gabby Bernstein

“Pushers have a fear-based belief that if they’re not super productive, nothing will happen for them. Little do they know that their pushy energy is blocking their capacity to attract! The Universe doesn’t respond well to frantic energy. Rather, the Universe vibrates at a positive frequency, and to co-create with it, your energy must align with that frequency.” —Gabby Bernstein

“Each day brings new opportunities to lean toward fear or lean into love. While we always have a choice, we often (quite unconsciously) default to fear. The presence of fear is a sure sign we’ve disconnected from the loving presence of the Universe.” —Gabby Bernstein

“If something is giving you joy…it’s coming. But if you are afraid, it’s not.” —Abraham

“When you’re in alignment with the flow of the Universe, you are a Super Attractor creating the life you want and attracting more than you could otherwise imagine simply by choosing to feel good. Life is much easier when you align with the Universe.” —Gabby Bernstein


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