Manifest with Ease:

Law of Attraction Simplified

This course is everything you need to become a better manifester. You’ll feel like you’re sitting down over coffee with your very own LoA coach.

This course is for you if …

You’re interested in taking your LoA practice up a notch

You’re tired of a mixed bag of manifestations

You’re ready to manifest what you want more easily


Inside the course:

Module 1
Manifesting 101: How Law of Attraction Works

Module 2
The Importance of Feeling Good

Module 3
Ask and It Is Given: 3 Steps to Manifesting

Module 4
How to Improve Your Point of Attraction

Module 5
Common Blocks to Manifesting

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What can I expect to learn?

  • What will help me apply what I’m learning in the course?

  • Why did you create this course?

  • How did you decide these are the 28 core essentials of Law of Attraction?

  • Do you offer refunds?