Start, Stop & Change: Abraham quotes

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Today we’re going to talk about eight quotes from Abraham that I can’t stop thinking about. To access this episode, join LYL Premium.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • Why Abraham says reality is only a brief moment in time you keep repeating
  • What happens when you’re fixated on current circumstances
  • What many of us are getting wrong about Step 1 of manifesting
  • How I mistakenly thought I needed to take a break when what I really needed was something very different
  • My relationship with discipline and how it’s drastically changed over the years
  • What happens when you push against contrast and try to avoid it altogether
  • Why working hard may be working against you—and making it harder for you to manifest what you want
  • The thing we’re getting wrong about the decisions we make
  • Why you won’t attract a fulfilling job while hating on the job you currently have


“When you’re asking for something you don’t have, and asking for something you don’t have, and asking for something you don’t have, you keep holding yourself in the don’t have vibration. So ask it and let source answer it. And then get off it. Let the Universe find the clever ways that it will find to yield it to you.” —Abraham


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