• Are you feeling frumpy in your clothes?

    Tolerations are anything you’re reluctantly putting up with that cause friction, frustration, and drain your energy. While there are 8 types of tolerations, Body tolerations are about how you look and feel in your body. I’m sure you can see why this is a category of tolerations unto itself, because most women have a lot […]

  • Which of the hundreds of cereals do you want?

    The other day a friend and I were talking about how many choices are available to us. But not in a good way. Shelf after shelf of toothpaste. Over a hundred types of hand soap. An entire aisle of cereal. Choice overload. Decision fatigue. That’s the world we live in—and bump up against every day. […]

  • Mini Mission—Edit your life

    Ever been handed an edited version of something you’ve written? Notice how deleting a word here and sentence there makes the whole thing flow more smoothly? How editing makes it easier to read and understand? Makes it better. Well, our lives are like that too. When we edit to remove the unnecessary, a new coherent whole […]