Gunk of Low-Energy Living: body tolerations

Tolerations are anything you’re reluctantly putting up with that cause friction, frustration, and drain your energy.

While there are 8 types of tolerations, Body tolerations are about how you look and feel in your body.

I’m sure you can see why this is a category of tolerations unto itself, because most women have a lot of things they’re reluctantly putting up with about their body, health, wellness, and appearance!

Everything from not having enough energy to going gray. From cellulite to wanting a wardrobe makeover. From adult acne to being winded after a flight of stairs.

It’s not about size or age.

Body tolerations are not about a particular body size or age.

A woman in her 70’s can feel more vital and comfortable in her own skin—and have fewer Body tolerations—than a woman in her 30’s.

Body tolerations don’t play favorites when it comes to size either. Two women pull on the exact same size of jeans in the morning, but feel very differently about their bodies.

One is full of energy and boldly ready to take on the world. The other feels tired and frumpy, and only wants to cover up, hide out, and opt out.

I’m ready, world! Bring it on! versus Don’t look at me. I don’t like what I see.

Size is not the difference.

The difference is one woman feels at peace in her body and comfortable in her own skin. She feels confident about who she is and the life she’s created.

The other woman compares and despairs. She’s insecure, and her negative self-talk focuses on flab and wrinkles.

It’s not about ideal weight, it’s about self-care and self-compassion. It’s not about body size, it’s about unique beauty and self-love.

It’s about living well in your body and loving the skin you’re in.

Are these body tolerations taking up space in your mind?

Other Body-related tolerations might include:

  • Feeling frumpy in your clothes
  • Poor posture
  • Energy slump every afternoon
  • Too little sleep
  • Being addicted to sugar
  • Chipped manicure
  • Not knowing how to accessorize
  • Not-so-bright teeth
  • Wearing control top panty hose
  • Being unable to read small print
  • Outdated, aging makeup

Many Body tolerations are about size and weight, at least on the surface. Being overweight, clothes too tight, muffin top, sagging breasts, thick thighs, love handles…

Putting off experiences until you’ve lost weight. Turning down invitations because of how you feel in your body. These, along with dieting, counting calories, and weighing food, are all-too-common examples of Body tolerations.

Perhaps your Body tolerations show up each morning as it takes forever to get dressed. You try on one outfit after another, nothing fitting. Or maybe you’re frustrated about your personal style, wishing you had a more modern wardrobe and stylish hair cut.


But Body tolerations are also about other aspects of appearance. Thinning hair, wrinkles, under-eye bags, dull skin, and sun spots.

Remember, tolerations are not about whether you have wrinkles or sun spots. It’s whether having them causes you friction or frustration. Whether you devote energy to worrying or ruminating about them.

Whether they get in the way of you creating the life you crave.

Health and wellness.

Body tolerations also include things you’re reluctantly putting up with regarding your health and wellness.

Migraines and joint pain. Insomnia and taking medications. Being exhausted all the time and not being able to keep up with your grandkids.

Optimize YOU.

We give away a lot of feminine power by obsessing about calories and how our clothes look. By feeling frumpy and worrying about flab. By being preoccupied with the number on a scale instead of comfortable and confident in our own skin.

It’s time to take pleasure in being in your body and creating the life you crave.

What needs to change about how you take care of—and think about—your physical being?