Start, Stop & Change: edit your life

Ever been handed an edited version of something you’ve written? Notice how deleting a word here and sentence there makes the whole thing flow more smoothly? How editing makes it easier to read and understand? Makes it better.

Well, our lives are like that too.

When we edit to remove the unnecessary, a new coherent whole is formed.

Here’s your mission

  • Edit your stuff.
  • Edit how you spend your time.
  • Edit your To Do list.
  • Edit situations that cause you stress.
  • Edit your definition of enough.
  • Edit the emotional vampires from your life.
  • Edit thinking you’re the only one who can do it the “right way”.
  • Edit what you bring into your house.
  • Edit your need to control outcomes.
  • Edit your expectations.
  • Edit your wardrobe.
  • Edit how often you say yes.
  • Edit your commitments.

Edit, and then edit some more.

Because sometimes less really is more.