• Are you turning yourself inside out for approval?

    We seek approval in so many ways, about so many things. What we wear and what we believe. What we eat and say. The choices we make and how we live our lives. We care what our friends and colleagues think about us. We care what our spouse and kids think about us. Often we […]

  • Read this when no one says “Thank you”

    Words mean a lot. We’ve all felt the surge of pride and accomplishment when our efforts are acknowledged. When someone lets us know we make a difference. Sometimes we get external validation or recognition. Someone says, Good job in appreciation of our efforts. When that happens, it’s not hard to feel you make a difference, right? […]

  • Agreement versus Understanding

    I need you to agree with my point of view.  I need to be validated.

    While it certainly feels good when someone agrees with us, I think most are really looking for understanding. Have you ever thought about the difference between seeking agreement versus seeking understanding? The distinction makes a difference—and often gets us in trouble. Agreement is about control and being right. I need you to agree with my […]