Appreciation & Mindset: validation

Words mean a lot.

We’ve all felt the surge of pride and accomplishment when our efforts are acknowledged. When someone lets us know we make a difference.

Sometimes we get external validation or recognition. Someone says, Good job in appreciation of our efforts.

When that happens, it’s not hard to feel you make a difference, right?

But here’s the difficult truth we all know: Sometimes those words don’t come.

There is no Thank you. There is no Good job.

There is no acknowledgement. No one seems to notice or recognize your efforts.

You’re asked to do more and more with less and less. And when you do, sometimes there’s still no outward sign of appreciation.

What then?

Here’s the bottom line: You have to be able to recognize your own contribution and feel your own value. It may not be “right”, but it’s reality.

Sometimes you have to appreciate your own impact and be able to know for yourself that the difference you make matters.

I promise: The difference YOU make matters.