• Dear Abby: Why asking experts is a problem

    I think tapping into your own intuition, your own inner knowing, is way better than getting advice from a quote-unquote expert. Dear Abby might have knowledge, but not your inner knowing. Your Inner Being will always rise above the expert. I’m using “Dear Abby” as a catchall…this includes looking to experts for your answers, living by […]

  • Be your own guru: How to give yourself wise advice

    Where’s the best place to go for some wise advice? The self-help section at Barnes & Noble? A call to your best girlfriend? Ask your spouse? Find out what The Expert says and do that? Nope, none of those. The very best, wisest advice you’ll ever get will come from…you. How do I know this? […]

  • 31 ways to get unstuck & inspired

    Are you in a rut? Do you feel like you’ve lost your mojo? Here are 31 ways to get unstuck and inspired—and create the life you crave. Mindset matters. Choose yours with intention. Slow down and savor—the moment, the day, your life. Be willing to do the work. You’re worth it. Say no with ease […]

  • You can stop waiting. You have permission.

    Is there an area of your business where you’re waiting for permission? Permission to… Launch a new service Attend that conference Go after your ideal client Really “own” your personal brand Hire with confidence 
Say “no” to work that’s not a good fit Streamline your process Ask clients for referrals Charge more Reach out to […]

  • Are you waiting for others to give you permission?

    I want you to stop waiting for permission

    There are two groups of people. Those who realize they can give themselves permission and those who are waiting, waiting, waiting for permission from someone else. Permission to… Let’s take the first group: Those who realize they can give themselves permission to… Take a long-sought-after-but-yet-unrealized goal off the radar and revisit it in a year Stop […]

  • Giving myself permission

    I don’t want to be driven anymore

    I didn’t realize in early May I was taking a sabbatical. I thought I was just feeling a bit less motivated. Finding it more difficult to focus. Noticing my productivity was falling off. It was a curious turn of events because I’ve always been such a taskmaster with myself—driven, pushing through, doing, doing, doing. But […]

  • Using your imagination

    Maybe you need to give yourself permission to daydream

    “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” —Albert Einstein What a powerful—and empowering—concept. Powerful because our mental images can become our lives and empowering because imagination is available to everyone. I’d like… I often hear someone say, “I’d like…” and then describe some different life for themselves. Sometimes it’s a different […]