• Love Your Life #004: Oh, happy day! The measure of your success is joy.

    Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. On today’s episode, I’ll be sharing a Law of Attraction quote that changed my life by helping me redefine success. This quote was the start of my obsession with Law of Attraction—and has helped me lighten up, laugh more, and actually have a relationship with joy! […]

  • I refuse to focus on what I didn’t get done

    The world can be divided into two camps: People who make lists and those who don’t. I know who I am. It seems I’ve spent a lifetime making To Do lists. Scribbled on notepads, written neatly in planners, entered into apps… I’m this person: If I complete a task that wasn’t originally on my To […]

  • Mini mission—Take the next step

    There’s something you want. Some goal you want to achieve. Or milestone you want to reach. Maybe it’s launch a business. Or lose 20 pounds. Maybe it’s write that book. Or run a marathon. Maybe it’s take that trip. Or change careers. Maybe it’s declutter and simplify. Or move across country. Whatever your goal, it […]

  • 5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    Hey, I have someone I’d like you to meet! She’s a demanding kill-joy who will make you feel lousy about yourself and is never any fun. Certainly doesn’t sound like your first choice for company, does it? And yet you very likely hang out with her all the time. It’s your inner taskmaster. And she’s […]

  • Have a love-hate relationship with your To Do list? Get rid of it.

    I used to have a To Do list. OK, to be honest, I used to be ruled by my To Do list. It reigned. Supreme. I was its oh-so-humble servant, and we definitely had a love-hate relationship. On the love side… I loved how writing things on my To Do list gave me an initial […]

  • I, too, used to be lousy at celebrating

    I used to be lousy at celebrating too

    I witness so many of my clients accomplishing amazing things—making drastic career changes, launching businesses, starting blogs and writing books, quadrupling their networks, shedding limiting beliefs, pursuing passions… It’s not that all these accomplishments go smoothly from A to Z. There are setbacks. There are missteps along the way. But there are also amazing milestones […]

  • But don’t you want to look at my resume?

    What’s the single most important factor in making a successful career transition? It’s not polishing your resume or letting everyone know you’re looking to make a career change. It’s not upgrading your skills, reading a book about interviewing, or even networking. No, a successful career transition starts in advance of those activities. It begins by […]