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Welcome to Love Your Life + Law of Attraction.

On today’s episode, I’ll be sharing a Law of Attraction quote that changed my life by helping me redefine success. This quote was the start of my obsession with Law of Attraction—and has helped me lighten up, laugh more, and actually have a relationship with joy!

Are you wondering what the quote is? You’ll soon find out!

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn…

  • The standard of success according to Law of Attraction
  • The problem with focusing on the destination rather than the journey
  • How your approach to vacations can teach you a lot about life
  • Two questions for a more joyful life experience
  • How to lighten up, laugh more, and be a magnet for joy


“Let your standard of success be your achievement of joy. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the resources of the universe.” —Law of Attraction

“You cannot have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey.” —Abraham

“Whether it’s a trophy, money, relationships, or things, the achievement of anything that you desire must be considered success. But if you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy, everything else will then fall easily into place. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the resources of the Universe.” —Law of Attraction

“The purpose of your life is joy. The measure of your success is joy. You’re not here to prove your worthiness. You are worthy. You are here for the experience of joyful expansion.” —Law of Attraction

“The main event isn’t the destination; it’s the joyous journey. You did not come forth seeking assignments to complete. You came forth for reason to flow, and to love and enjoy life. Even though you will return home at the end of any vacation, the idea of your holiday is not to complete it as quickly as possible so that you can check it off of your list. The idea of your vacation—and of this life experience– is to have a joyous experience.” —Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards

“See your “career” as one of creating a joyful life experience. You are not a creator of things, or a regurgitator of what someone else has created, or a gatherer of stuff. You are a creator, and the subject of your creation is your joyful life experience. That is your mission. That is your quest. That is why you are here.” —Money and Law of Attraction Cards

“I want continual, joyous growth. “I am a growth-seeking Being, and it is exhilarating to remember that expansion is not only natural, but inevitable. I love knowing that joy is simply a choice. So, since my expansion is inevitable, I choose to have it—in joy.” —Law of Attraction Cards

“You get to fill the blackboard of your life with whatever you want. If you have filled it in with baggage from the past, wipe it clean. Erase everything from the past that does not serve you, and be grateful it brought you to this place now, and to a new beginning. You have a clean slate, and you can start over – right here, right now. Find your joy and live it.” —The Secret

“Focus inside on Joy. Think thoughts of joy. Feel joy. See yourself in joy. As you connect to the joy inside you more often, your whole world will shift to reflect that joy. The Universe will move people, circumstances, and events to deliver joy to you – because you are magnetizing joy.” —The Secret

“What’s your big hurry? It’s all for joy. You’re not ever going to get it done, so what are you racing toward? Every single activity you’re involved in is for one purpose only, and that is to give you a moment of joy. That’s why it all exists. Lighten up. Laugh more. Appreciate more. All is well.” —Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards


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