Law of Attraction: services and free resources

Over the past few days I received the same question from three different people. This same question came from a podcast listener, from a client, and during a consultation.

The specific question was about whether I have a handy list of LoA books I would recommend. Of course I do!

Rather than assume everyone knows what’s available, I’m going to make that explicit in this post. I get many of the same questions about how someone can work with me and what I offer. If someone else has the question, perhaps you do, too.

I’m very proud of the work I do and what I offer. I know what a difference it can make in your life, in how you feel, in what you manifest, and in the ease with which you are able manifest.

So let’s dive in as I share what I offer—both in terms of services and free resources—as well as answer five frequently asked questions about working with me.

To begin, I offer schedule-as-you-want coaching.

I’ve been coaching full-time for 11 years now, and I love coaching my clients through the lens of Law of Attraction.

My coaching sessions will help improve your point of attraction so the Law of Attraction can respond with circumstances, people, events, situations, and things you really want.

I work with women across the U.S. and Canada.

Women in Nashville, Tennessee and New York City, in little towns in Wisconsin and big cities in Texas, from Tucson, Arizona to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, from Chicago to Miami. And, I work with women across the globe—women in Australia and New Zealand, in Norway and the Netherlands, in Germany and Italy, and so many fantastic women in London and across the U.K.

I do all my coaching by phone, using Skype audio with international clients. If you’re interested in coaching with me, book a session using my online calendar.

I offer a self-study course called Manifest with Ease: Law of Attraction Simplified.

I love this course. It’s everything I wish I’d know when I started my LoA journey.

I always say this course is everything you need to become a better manifester. You’ll feel like you’re sitting down over coffee with your very own LoA coach.

The course is delivered as a beautifully designed 60-page PDF + MP3 audiobook.

My website is a fantastic treasure of resources.

Over the 3+ years of my LoA journey, I have learned to listen to and follow my intuition. Which means I’ve jettisoned my presence on various social media that no longer felt aligned for me.

So while you won’t find me on Facebook or Instagram, you can find me at It’s my very own high vibe home online.

Of course, you’ll find my podcast, Love Your Life + Law of Attraction, on my website.

While you likely listen to my podcast through another platform, you’ll find all Love Your Life episodes on

One thing to note that is super useful: On my website, you can sort podcast episodes from oldest to newest and vice versa, which can be helpful now that there are over 250 episodes.

Every episode of Love Your Life includes Show Notes. These Show Notes are a great way to quickly see what an episode is about, read quotes from the episode, and access any resources I mentioned.

For instance, if I mention a book or related podcast episode, the Show Notes contain convenient links to these resources. For example, in episode #100, I mention a PDF index of the first 100 episodes of Love Your Life that you can download.

On my website you’ll also find my blog, which contains hundreds of posts on all things Law of Attraction.

While listening to my podcast is great, when you are in the mood to read, my blog is a terrific resource.

Here’s what’s really great: You can use categories to browse for specific types of posts, categories like Appreciation & Mindset, Inspired Action vs. Efforting, How to Feel Better, and Problems vs. Solutions. Those are just a few of the categories you can use to browse my blog with ease.

If you have questions about coaching with me…

I want to share five questions that frequently are asked about working with me. Perhaps one of these questions has been on your mind, too.

Question #1: How is coaching different from listening to your podcast?

The big difference between listening to the podcast and private coaching with me is coaching allows me to offer you personalized guidance about how the Law of Attraction applies to you and your real life. We can talk specifically about what’s going on in your life, what you want to manifest, and where you’re experiencing resistance.

I offer a lot of information on the podcast, and you certainly can apply that information to experience transformation. But often it’s just easier and quicker to manifest what you want when you have coaching personalized to your unique situation.

Question #2: What if I only know a little (or already know a lot) about LoA?

I work with clients on both ends of the spectrum and all points in between. You can be a total LoA newbie or have studied and practiced Law of Attraction for years—it’s all good. I’m confident regardless of your starting point, working together will deepen your understanding and application of LoA.

Regardless of your level of knowledge about LoA, we’ll be co-creating on our coaching calls. That’s the way it always works. We can do that effectively if you know a little or a lot about the Law of Attraction.

Question #3: What’s a coaching session like?

Coaching with me is a vibrational tune-up.

We might talk about specific ways you can get in receiving mode for what you want or I might coach you in a real-life example of reaching for better-feeling thoughts about a circumstance where you are feeling negative emotion.

I might introduce an LoA tool or technique and help you learn to use it effectively or we might spend time reframing your limiting beliefs or magnifying your appreciation practice.

The overarching theme of our work together will be to release resistance so you can raise your vibration and improve your point of attraction.

Question #4: How often should I work with you?

My short answer is it’s entirely up to you.

I have clients who coach with me twice a month or even weekly, while others work with me once a month or once every six weeks. For still others there really is no pattern to the scheduling of sessions other than they coach with me when it feels like the inspired action.

My coaching is entirely flexible because it’s schedule-as-you-want. I encourage you to trust that you’ll know the right pace and frequency once you get started.

Question #5—and perhaps the most important one of all: Can you help me manifest what I want?

Absolutely! I believe you can be, do, or have anything you want. My role as your LoA coach is to help you get out of your own way and claim the well-being and abundance that is yours.

Oops, I’ll answer one more question just because it’s so fun. And that question is: What have you helped your clients manifest?

My clients have manifested so much! They have achieved goals and acquired shiny pennies. They have had desired experiences and embodied desired states of being.

Let me get specific, though, and quickly share a wonderful, high vibe list of just a few client manifestations.

  • There have been building permits approved after months of delays and leaving a long-time corporate job and making six figures in a new business
  • There’s been making peace with regret about the past and letting go of struggle, striving, and efforting for downstream flow
  • There’s been adopting a location-independent business and lifestyle, overcoming money blocks, especially mindsets of scarcity and lack, and calling in ideal clients
  • There’s been manifesting travel opportunities, fun perks like free upgrades, and unexpected raises
  • There’s been decluttering to make way for abundance, and letting go of busy by energetically and physically clearing the calendar
  • There’s been unconditional alignment about a spouse’s negativity, enjoying a job previously despised, and an improved relationships with kids
  • There’s been getting a film production deal and speaking gigs, and asking for a 25% increase in salary and getting it
  • There’s been daily alignment and elevated emotions, going with flow, and listening to intuition

There’s been feeling higher vibe and simply having more fun. Like I said, my clients have manifested so much!

What did I mention that sparks your curiosity?

  • Are you interested in the LoA reading list I mentioned?
  • Are you feeling inspired to schedule a coaching session?
  • Are you wanting to look at the Show Notes for past episodes of Love Your Life + Law of Attraction or browse the Abundance & Well-Being blog category and do some reading?

I encourage you to listen to your intuition, follow your curiosity, and take whatever inspired action flows for you.