• You need to read this if you’re a worry-wart

    Worry is a slippery thing. On the one hand, it feels like something positive you’re doing. An expression of caring about someone or something. You worry… your recent graduate will have trouble finding a “real” job. your spouse won’t get the promotion at work. your sibling isn’t taking care of his health. your friend is […]

  • Here are some of the questions I’d ask you

    I coach women to live their best lives, and I blog about all kinds of topics… —from goal setting to procrastination, —from the danger of deferring dreams to improving your Say/Do ratio, —from suffering from Someday Syndrome to learning how to sustain momentum, —from choosing your mindset with intention to why pursuing your passion doesn’t […]

  • Letting go of what ifs

    When you’re stuck in the what ifs

    We all experience setbacks. Times when outcomes don’t meet our expectations. Times when the best laid plans simply don’t produce the results we were looking for or wanted. Failure to launch One of my clients recently experienced a fairly significant setback in moving forward with the launch of her new business. Understandably, she wanted to […]