Problems vs. Solutions: what ifs

We all experience setbacks.

Times when outcomes don’t meet our expectations. Times when the best laid plans simply don’t produce the results we were looking for or wanted.

Failure to launch

One of my clients recently experienced a fairly significant setback in moving forward with the launch of her new business. Understandably, she wanted to vent a bit, feel the disappointment, and wish things could be different.

But after awhile, it became clear she was stuck in the “what ifs”.

  • What if I had taken the route of outside funding?
  • What if I had handled the due diligence process differently?

What ifs: Staying stuck in the setback

The bottom line is “what ifs” are not helpful if they’re backward focused.

It’s one thing if you’re using what if scenarios to move forward. It’s another if you’re what if’ing to stay stuck in the setback.

My challenge to you is to move beyond the backward-looking what ifs. If you’ve experienced a setback or disappointment, turn your focus to the future and ask yourself: What now?