Abundance & Well-Being: questions

I coach women to live their best lives, and I blog about all kinds of topics…

—from goal setting to procrastination,

—from the danger of deferring dreams to improving your Say/Do ratio,

—from suffering from Someday Syndrome to learning how to sustain momentum,

—from choosing your mindset with intention to why pursuing your passion doesn’t have to be impractical.

As a life coach, I don’t have YOUR answers. I’m quite certain of that.

The value of good questions

But I do have lots of questions—and that’s the value I bring to the table.

Questions like…

  • What kind of legacy will you leave?
  • What would it take to get traction on your goals?
  • Where are your daily actions out of alignment with your values?
  • How are you showing up in your life? In the world?
  • What will it take for you to have a breakthrough year?
  • Who would you have to be to stop half living?

What if…?

While I don’t have your answers, I do have the essential spirit of inquiry, the space for wondering, What if…

And that’s the all-important value of asking a question: It can lead to YOUR answer.

What’s the question you wish someone would ask you?