• 5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    5 ways being a taskmaster is no fun

    Hey, I have someone I’d like you to meet! She’s a demanding kill-joy who will make you feel lousy about yourself and is never any fun. Certainly doesn’t sound like your first choice for company, does it? And yet you very likely hang out with her all the time. It’s your inner taskmaster. And she’s […]

  • 5 ways to boost your confidence

    Are you self-assured about your own abilities? Do you fully appreciate your own qualities? I recently conducted a reader survey that found many women are experiencing a crisis of confidence. It shows up in the form of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk. Does that sound familiar? Do you want to play a bigger game, […]

  • Go ahead, compare yourself

    Is a little healthy comparison OK?

    Everyone says, “Don’t compare yourself to others.” Some say it’s a waste of time and energy—something about keeping up with the Joneses. Or bad for your self-esteem and confidence. Some say avoid comparison because while the grass over there may look greener, it may just be a nice green facade. But, I think it’s OK […]

  • What unfinished business is nagging at the back of your mind?

    The year is more than half over. 144 days left. What’s your biggest piece of unfinished business? Is it finally getting started on that novel you said you would write this year? Is it training to run a 5K before the year end? Forgiving someone? Getting healthier? Making a career change or changing jobs? Reducing your […]