Gunk of Low-Energy Living: unfinished business
The year is more than half over. 144 days left. What’s your biggest piece of unfinished business?

  • Is it finally getting started on that novel you said you would write this year?
  • Is it training to run a 5K before the year end?
  • Forgiving someone?
  • Getting healthier?
  • Making a career change or changing jobs?
  • Reducing your debt?
  • Volunteering?
  • Getting organized?
  • Is it making the decision to leave your corporate job to start your own business?

Whatever it is, unfinished business has a way of nagging at the back of our minds.

Even when we’re not actively thinking about a goal we set for ourselves, it’s in the background. Chattering away…eroding our self-esteem, leaving us feeling frustrated and guilty.

It’s that inner voice saying, You’re never really going to do that. It’s the disappointment in ourselves that can manifest as irritation, doubt, or even a sense of powerlessness.

That inner voice can be tough on us.

That’s why many people don’t make big, juicy, stretching goals to begin with. They’re afraid to risk the potential disappointment in self.

Here’s the bottom line: Either commit to addressing your unfinished business or take it off your radar.

Otherwise the gap between a goal realized and left undone becomes a depleting force that zaps you of vitality.

Of course, not all goals see the light of day. And sometimes that’s okay. Our priorities change. Our vision for our best life evolves.

But if you have unfinished business that’s still something you want for your best life, the time is now to get serious about it.

What’s the first step you can take today toward clearing away your unfinished business?

Are you ready to use the next 144 days to remove the “un” from your unfinished business?