• Do you ask for these 3 kinds of help?

    I find myself asking for three kinds of help. And I’ve learned it’s useful if I’m clear ahead of time about what type of help I’m really after—and to make it clear to the person on the other end of my “ask”. Here are the three types of help I’m usually looking for. How do […]

  • Why I still think resolutions are important

    There’s a lot of backlash against making resolutions for the new year. Resolutions don’t work. Resolutions set people up for failure. Resolutions are forgotten by February. I totally get it. One year my resolution was to develop a meditation practice. I started January 1st and didn’t make it past turning the page on the calendar. […]

  • Someone’s New Year’s resolution is sitting on the curb

    Yesterday I saw someone’s New Year’s resolution sitting on the curb, already forgotten. It looked forlorn. Bewildered the fanfare of January 1 faded so quickly. I watched it sit there, slump there—unrealized. Wondering if it would be dusted off and tried again next year. What about you? Did you make any resolutions for the coming year? Is […]

  • How to avoid the same old, same old

    A new year often signals new beginnings and fresh starts as January 1st brings the appeal of the clean slate. Are you thinking of setting a goal or making a resolution come the New Year? If so, will it be brand spanking new or a rehash of an old goal? I don’t have a crystal […]