Start, Stop & Change: resolution

Yesterday I saw someone’s New Year’s resolution sitting on the curb, already forgotten.

It looked forlorn. Bewildered the fanfare of January 1 faded so quickly.

I watched it sit there, slump there—unrealized. Wondering if it would be dusted off and tried again next year.

What about you? Did you make any resolutions for the coming year? Is your resolve rock solid or already waning?

Get back to the basics with these three strategies:

  1. Accountability. Do you have a simple way to track your progress? Do you have an accountability partner? Accountability is the secret sauce when it comes to taking responsibility for the results you want in your life. Being accountable to yourself and others for your resolution gives you the best chance for success.
  2. Back-up plan. When your resolution begins to go off the rails and motivation is in short supply, what will you do? Don’t wait for a resolution crisis to figure it out. Having Plan B conceived in advance is key. For instance, the snowstorm kept you from spin class at the gym. Your back-up plan is to do an exercise video at home.
  3. Connect to your Why. So often we divorce our goal or resolution from the Bigger Why. Wanting to lose 30 pounds can feel like nothing but deprivation and struggle until you connect it to wanting to be vital and active for your grandkids. Make it a daily practice to connect your resolution to your own personal and compelling Why.

What other strategies are you using to shore up your resolve and make a big change this year?