• My journey from self-help to Law of Attraction

    My sister and I were recently sitting in the car waiting for our mother to finish with an appointment. One topic of conversation lead to the next until we landed on this: We are both weary of self-help. Tired of always trying to improve and fix. Three steps to this and 8 weeks to that. […]

  • Is it crazy to quit your job when you’re successful?

    Remember a few years ago when I quit my job and everyone said I was crazy? Remember that? People said, But you’ve already invested so many years in your field. And, But the money! How are you going to replace a six-figure salary? And then there was this: You want to be WHAT!? A life […]

  • Here are some of the questions I’d ask you

    I coach women to live their best lives, and I blog about all kinds of topics… —from goal setting to procrastination, —from the danger of deferring dreams to improving your Say/Do ratio, —from suffering from Someday Syndrome to learning how to sustain momentum, —from choosing your mindset with intention to why pursuing your passion doesn’t […]