• Spotlight on 4 steps to get back in alignment

    I’ve popped out of alignment a couple times recently—in a big way. Both “incidents” are a distant memory now, but at the time they felt big and hairy. On top of feeling all kinds of gunky emotions—frustration, hurt, irritation, disappointment—I was also freaking out because I knew I was out of alignment. Which means my […]

  • Do you ask for these 3 kinds of help?

    I find myself asking for three kinds of help. And I’ve learned it’s useful if I’m clear ahead of time about what type of help I’m really after—and to make it clear to the person on the other end of my “ask”. Here are the three types of help I’m usually looking for. How do […]

  • Are you beating yourself up for your mistakes?

    A familiar theme I observe among clients is an inability to effortlessly learn from mistakes, let go, and move on. By letting go and moving on, I mean not obsessing about the mistake and about how things could have and should have been done differently. In other words, a lot more time is spent beating […]