• Here’s what’s on my 3 x 5 card. What’s on yours?

    Want to know what I wrote on my handy 3 x 5 card?

    I don’t always have it all together. My perfectionist tendencies sometimes stop by for an unwelcome visit. Knowing all the latest anti-procrastination strategies doesn’t mean I never procrastinate. I can get stuck in my head. Sometimes wanting to see the entire path keeps me from taking the first step. In short, even though I read […]

  • How to outlast the honeymoon phase of your big goal

    Big goals often have a honeymoon phase—a period where you’re excited, everything seems possible, and you’re 100% engaged. But then the newness starts to wear off. You don’t feel quite as enthusiastic. Life starts to intrude. You get busy at work. Or your child gets sick. Your calendar fills with activities. Relatives visit. You take […]

  • Are you addressing symptoms or root causes?

    A number of my clients stress over feeling disorganized. They talk about finding the right time management system, decluttering once and for all, or finding a new and improved way to tackle their To Do list. Unfortunately, none of those strategies address the root cause of the problem. Which means the symptoms associated with feeling […]