Journey vs. Destination: 3 x 5 card

I don’t always have it all together.

My perfectionist tendencies sometimes stop by for an unwelcome visit. Knowing all the latest anti-procrastination strategies doesn’t mean I never procrastinate. I can get stuck in my head. Sometimes wanting to see the entire path keeps me from taking the first step.

In short, even though I read and study and work in the arena of human potential, I struggle and succeed and fail and try again right along with everyone else.

I’ve come to realize there is no magic bullet. No one-size-fits-all tip or trick. No single strategy that ensures we stay out of our own way. No place we arrive and can stop learning and growing.

But there is my handy, dandy 3 x 5 card

I often carry it in my purse or pocket. Sometimes it’s sitting on my desk or being used as a bookmark.

But it’s never far away.

The card gets dog-eared and the three sentences on it change over time. But its purpose is always the same: To remind me of the longer view.

Sometimes the bigger picture has the better view

Because, let’s be honest, sometimes the short view—the immediate moment in front of us—doesn’t bring out our best thinking or take us where we want to go.

So my 3 x 5 card prompts me to remember my Deeper Yes. It reminds me all my thoughts and actions fit into the bigger picture—taking me closer to or further from my best life.

Three sentences to help create what you crave

Here’s what you would find on my 3 x 5 card today:

  • The time you invest today will pay dividends.
  • Being successful means being happy.
  • This day is not a dress rehearsal.

Nothing earth shattering happens when I pull out the card to read those three sentences.

But it grounds me. It reminds me. And more often than not, it helps me tap into the part of myself I’m most proud of: The intentional living part.

What would your 3 x 5 card say? What three sentences would remind you of your Deeper Yes and help you live with intention?