• It’s not the job market that will get in your way. It’s you.

    I was talking to a great guy recently about his job search. He has an impressive resume of top jobs with organizations familiar to all of us. He’s smart, articulate, a master problem solver, and someone who doesn’t just say the words “team” and “collaboration”, but truly lives these concepts. His skillset is impressive, and […]

  • Do you live in the land of lack?

    Dearth. Deficit. Deprivation. Deficiency. There’s never enough. Enough time. Enough money. Enough connections. Enough knowledge. I’ve encountered this scarcity mentality a lot lately. In fact, oxymoron that it is: Some people seem to thrive on lacking something. They seem to have a surplus of deficiency. What’s your filter? It’s one thing to be aware of a gap […]